Hours this week: 16 | Total hours: 24

I spent a lot of time working on my field study this week, and I will next, week, too! That’s because through this mentorship, I have been able to help plan and lead a strategic planning retreat for Dr. H’s district on Monday 6/17 and Tuesday 6/18. The retreat will focus on building school identities and bringing a vision to life through iterative cycles of innovation, data collection, reflection, and re-launch.

On Tuesday of this week, I spent the entire day in the district office, meeting with Dr. H and following up with her team on the district schools’ improvement plans. What was important for the work we’re doing is that we don’t try to reinvent too many wheels with the school teams, so we’ve decided to use their working tools as the real levers for what they use. This way, as we introduce concepts about leadership and change in the workshop, they will be able to go back to the infrastructure and work ecosystem they’re already in to make improvements and updates – rather than trying to adapt to some new set of tools.

Throughout the rest of the week, I had several more follow-up planning calls with Dr. H, and my team met multiple times to confirm the agenda and logistics. Even at the time of this writing, late on Sunday night, I am still making final tweaks to our presentation deck and materials!

I’m happy to be doing this work this summer in the district, and I imagine that the next 48 hours or so will show me even more about change leadership and how to bring a vision to life.