Hours this week: 0 | Total hours: 40

This past week was mostly about wrapping up the summer term, so with all of the required hours completed, I focused more on the final course papers.

Interestingly, as I reflected on my field experiences this summer, I am grateful for how things turned out. That’s because while I’m positionally planted in a role in higher education, the focus of most of my work is on the K12 sector. As I think about the work I want to do and where I’d like to be within the field of education, I am often torn about where I fit best. As a former high school teacher and someone who is committed to reimagining and reinvigorating the K12 experience for people, I love that my work has kept me in these spaces. So my work with Dr. H and helping her teams plan and design their school identities – particularly at the levels that impact students’ experiences – I feel like that’s valuable work. It also has me thinking about how I might pursue future leadership opportunities within K12.

At the same time, I have worked in higher education for about 12 years now. I am incredibly interested in organizational leadership, particularly in higher ed, and I am still fascinated by the knowledge enterprise that is ASU. So my conversation with Dr. Ipe I still consider to be part of my DFS experience for TEL 792, and I think I have a unique opportunity to learn and explore how an institution as large as ASU continues to push the envelope.

Going forward, I’d like to add more teaching in higher ed into my portfolio, and continue to pursue leadership opportunities in my current role. While the summer has flown by, this has been a nice opportunity to learn from leaders in both K12 and higher ed, and to get a glimpse of what leadership looks like at both levels.